The native people of Fiji know not to go near the small, uninhabited island to their North. There’s a grim history there that they haven’t completely forgotten. Jacob Daniels is warned against it, but he and his companions don’t put weight in superstitions. All they want is a few hours of fun alone in an unspoiled paradise. But some myths should be taken seriously. A brutal act of violence will lead Jacob on a desperate flight through a landscape haunted by shadows of a deadly past. When his own mind threatens to turn on him, will he know who, or what, the real enemy is? The only answer waits in the dark heart of the island, but to find it he’ll have to confront an ancient enemy he comes to know only as The Torchbearer.

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Cave of Bones

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ON 10/10/17!  Possible Spoilers:

Strong hands clutched at Sophie’s legs and a flickering crown of flames exposed the hideous face that loomed over her. Rough stone scraped at her back as she was pulled relentlessly along a cold slab. This was a place of darkness, but she’d been here before. She knew how it would end.

That vision played repeatedly through Sophie’s mind in the days leading up to the birth of her child. Her escape from Vaqava had come at a heavy price. Love had been lost and a hidden evil had been uncovered. She was ready to leave those memories behind, but the forsaken island and its dark ruler weren’t done with her yet. She now possessed something that the Torchbearer wanted.

In a moment of unimaginable terror, the thing that Sophie Hansen loves most will be taken from her. To get it back, she’ll have to return to the place where her nightmares started.

Love and Devotion. Violence and Bloodshed. It all ends in a Cave of Bones.

A Little About J. D.

J.D.Matheny was born in the Pacific Northwest and moved around in his youth until he was settled down in a small logging town in Washington State. There, he lived in a ghost town through his time in high school. During his senior year, a trip to Europe would ignite a passion for travel. He would gravitate toward tropical environments, including Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Colombia, Curacao, Honduras, and Fiji. It was in Fiji that he was inspired to finally fulfill a lifelong dream of penning a full-length novel. The result was the Dark Island series, consisting of the Torchbearer, Cave of Bones, and a final novel currently in progress.

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